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Torture and Class – as if they’re different…

Alright theoblogosphere, I’ve got a little challenge of my own (however it is not nearly as demanding as Halden’s recent one). I’m looking at taking a few classes here at school over the summer – primarily reading classes, and I get to pick the topics. Well, I’m going to address torture for my social ethics MA thesis (or at least I’m planning on it right now and it might look a little something like this: I. Why American Christianity is inclined to accept torture; II. Critique American Christianity; and III. Produce a better theology which A. Fills the holes in the church and B. Talks about what a healthy church can do to respond). With that in mind I’m hoping to use one of these reading classes to help me get a leg up on research and forming a better outline. So, does anyone have any good books to recommend other than William Cavanaugh’s Torture and Eucharist for me to read this summer?


4 thoughts on “Torture and Class – as if they’re different…

  1. Halden says:

    There’s a new article in Theological Studies by Cavanaugh which compares Torture in the US to Torture in Chile, that’s pretty interesting as well.

    I’ll think about some other stuff, but nothing comes to mind off hand. You may need to go outside the realm of the specifically theological on this.

  2. Halden says:

    Or you could always just watch 24 and witness Jack Bauer, the post-9/11 superhero torture and kill all in the name of defeating terrorists and saving the family! :)

  3. d. w. horstkoetter says:

    I’ll have to check that essay out, it sounds right up my alley. Zizek sounds interesting Adam, I’ll be sure to give him a look.

    As for Jack Bauer, that man is my heeeeero. Or not. Very much not. I suppose he might work well for a pop culture worldview when it comes time for the paper.

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