A Book Meme

I was included in a meme about books. However, it was nearly two years ago. Oops…. Well better late than never right?

How many books do you own?:

A lot. I’d say some where around 800 now, maybe more. I once tried to count them in undergrad, but I lost track after awhile.

Last book I read:

Well for class that was Gary Dorrien’s The Making of American Liberal Theology: Crisis, Irony, and Postmodernity. For fun? Uh, hm. I did get half way through Dorrien’s The Word as True Myth during Christmas break.

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me:

The Crucified God by Jürgen Moltmann,
Torture and Eucharist by William Cavanaugh,
Risks of Faith by James Cone,
A Theology for the Social Gospel by Walter Rauschenbusch, and,
aw why not, Theopolitical Imagination by William Cavanaugh (I really like what that guy writes.)

And now to tag five people:

Halden, you meme fiend (I will be getting to that favorite theologian soon) choose some books – however, we already know Jensen and Lewis will be on your list, so find some others, dear God find some others… heh.

Adam M, post away.

Travis “I’m living in the Midwest” Waters, how about you bring some landlocked fun.

Mike at Catholic Anarchy, you can’t be all Cath…er bad with someone as much fun as Metz. Perhaps you could bring some color to our dreary, white-walled Protestantism?

And lastly, I’d like to see if anything changed in nearly two years (which is conceivably enough time for the meme to go all the way around the internet and back), so Chris, have you got a new list?

As for the rest of the readers of this blog, feel free to post away as well, this is by no means exclusionary, rather, I would at least hope to insure some response from someone and therefore the list above.


5 thoughts on “A Book Meme

  1. a. steward says:

    Hey thanks for the meme! You get a hi five on the Crucified God. There’s a lot of stuff that I can’t (or just don’t know how to) get behind, but this book moved me in a big way, and in a sense, the passion he has in talking about the death of Christ is something that I haven’t encountered in many other places.

  2. somegirl says:


    how many owned? 300-400? or so? hard to say. but i don’t really believe you are at 800. i call bullshit on that one. more like 500.

    last book read? for school, h. richard niebuhr’s the responsible self. purely for fun, hugo’s les miserables. (most of it. still working on the last 500 pages.)

    five books that mean a lot? ronald sider’s rich christians in an age of hunger. yoder’s politics of jesus. stassen and gushee’s kingdom ethics. right now, reinhold niebuhr’s love and justice; by challenging my appreciation for yoder, he’s forced me to take yoder even more seriously. and dostoevsky’s the brothers karamozov. always a classic.

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