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Witnessing Against Torture

Today I went to a vigil/mock funeral procession and march against Guantánamo put on by groups such as the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, The Metro New York Religious Campaign Against Torture, Amnesty International and Witness Against Torture (stemming from the Catholic Worker).     

We ended at the entrance to the building where Senator Clinton’s office is located, which is very near the office of the other New York senator. We called for: the increased pressure to close Guantánamo; the return of habeas corpus and the end to indefinite detention; the end of torture (no matter how the administration attempts to define it, what they are doing is torture), the end to secret prisons and disappearances; that all detainees be tried quickly, and that all the government officials involved be tried; and most importantly, that the flow of money that funds this torture abuse should be cut. The list was long, as the acts of the government in regards to torture is long.  

This was also not an action limited to New York City, but instead it was a nation-wide action and even an international action, as it was the International Day in Support of Victims and Survivors of Torture.  Please be mindful of what is going on and please join in the call to end torture.    

You can view some of the pictures here.


One thought on “Witnessing Against Torture

  1. Fantastic photos, D.W.! I’ve linked to them over at Maiden. Thanks so much for your witness! And please: think about contributing some thoughts to the Bloggers on Torture Project. Best, Maiden

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