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The Proper Theological Response Is: What. The. $%@#.

Now the title for this writing, “The Proper Theological Response Is: What. The. $%@#.” brings up a number of issues. First, what is the response to? Oh, Scooter Libby of course, well, actually Bush’s involvement. Politics aside for a moment(like how 250,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money that has been raised for Libby’s defense), what infuriates me the most about this particular incident are the thousands of requests for pardons, clemency or commutation that Bush has received just in his tenure of presidency, and yet he refuses to address them, like the ones on death row. The president has a backlog on his duties and yet he skips his friend ahead and defangs the courts. I have nothing but contempt for this. I think we should now change the term for fall guy from Oliver North to Scooter Libby, and this time there is the added connotation of getting off virtually scot free in the definition as well.

Speaking of Libby and Bush, check out some interesting links: here, here, here, but most importantly I think here.

Second, can we Christians use such language? Well, why the hell not? heh. Personally, this really isn’t an important question to me or something I’d really want to spend time addressing, but I expect there to be some objections. Simply put, we need an outlet for profession, one that has more weight and gravity to the profession. Sometimes only the true and honest response is a four letter word.

In other slightly related news, apparently this blog is rated R. Yeah, you read that right. I was curious when I saw it on other blogs, so went here and got this image.

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Apparently what gave me the rating was: torture (15x) death (7x) dead (3x) pain (1x). Uh, right. Perhaps these are important topics to address carefully with children, but honestly, this seems more indicative hiding children (and possibly ourselves) from reality. This blog was rated as such solely because of the subjects and not individual words – subjects that are inherently Christian. Our community forming Christ is one who suffered under torture and in great pain he died. So, I suppose I’ll wear the R rating proudly if thats how I’m earning it.


One thought on “The Proper Theological Response Is: What. The. $%@#.

  1. So, my blog is rated “G” Does that mean that I don’t speak enough about Christian issues? Or, perhaps the rating of blogs is as phony as the rating of movies. Rather than be disturbed by the rating, shouldn’t we be disturbed by our desire to be rated?
    by the way, while I was being rated I also found out that I am 94% addicted to coffee. Which, I imagine, is like being half-vegetarian.

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