body of Christ, Ekklesia Project

The future is no longer what it was: Those pretty falling stars are really fragments of a meteor headed right for you

This week, my personal life was a veritable shitstorm. It started sunday night, after I arrived at De Paul early for a conference where I didn’t actually know anyone. That was fun. I don’t mean to blame friends who had to stay home – far from it – instead I say this to highlight that I arrived at the Ekklesia Project Summer Conference, knowing no one and then everything fell apart after a phone call.

Interestingly, the conference was on congregational formation. Better yet, its a conference filled with scholars (generally of the theological type), pastors and lay people thinking about their congregation and the church at large. But they’re not farsighted, on Monday morning the introduction centered around what the EP is – family. I’ve heard this before, as I’m sure we all have, but its rare to see family realized in such a way. By God’s grace it was real; they really were real, really Christ. I can’t say enough, not only about the body of Christ, but the EP people. Strangers became family in three days. I can’t wait for next year. And thats the reason for this post. I highly suggest those of you who like the EP to go next summer – for both the discussion and the people.

In related news, the B. J. Hunnicutt in me got squashed (hence the meteor quip in the title). Perhaps Hawkeye is the way to go. Or the priest. Yeah. Hes the best. Maybe those vows aren’t so bad. “Remember what the good book says: Love thy neighbor, or I’ll punch your lights out!”


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