Good News Everyone!

One of my favorite bands of all times is back together. Yes, they’re back and I know this because their myspace page says so. What band is it you say? Why its Five O’Clock People of course and best of all, a cd is in the works. The website says they had time in June to record. Woo hoo!

Only recently have I returned to their music, after a year or so on hiatus from music in general and more life experience (including that storm I mentioned earlier a few posts ago), their music has taken on a near mythic quality, its at least certainly cathartic and haunting – if not personality shaping (in a good way). Anyways, I could go on for pages about their music, nonetheless, if you want to know what the band is about, I suggest giving a listen to In the Bleak Midwinter with special emphasis on, In the Bleak Midwinter, Sorry and Glass (but don’t forget the other songs, they’re great as well). However, by far and away, my favorite song and most apt for a relationship – both as a description of a proper relationship, but also an eschatological envisioning of where relationships ought to go – is House of God.


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