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Conan and Catholic Theology

Here’s Conan O’Brian’s take on the Pope’s recent announcement about Papal authority, protestant “churches” (or ecclesiastical communities I should say… but really, what is the difference?), etc. Rather funny me thinks:

Now, I personally was rather frustrated with the declaration/announcement itself, because as it seems to me (although I am not an authority on Roman Catholicism, far from it), and from discussions I’ve had with Catholics, that this is not so much a particularly faithful interpretation of Vatican II, but rather an attempt to roll back advances made in Vatican II (without really admitting to it).

Maybe I am talking with the minority of Roman Catholics, or perhaps even better understood, conceivably there are two streams in Catholicism right now, each with its own official documents and declarations – each with its easily quotable statements and official justifications.

I actually want to get somewhere in this post, instead of creating a place for lots of angry yelling. So what do we really make of all this? Is this really subverting Vatican II, the best interpretation, or should we just get used to the tension between the two sides since they’re equally viable? Although, if you you’ve got a better question about all this, and hopefully an answer (but not necessarily required), I’d love to hear it.


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