modern nation-state

With the Cunning Use of Flags

Headline from the BBC:

Russia plants flag under N Pole

Russian explorers have planted their country’s flag on the seabed 4,200m (14,000ft) below the North Pole to further Moscow’s claims to the Arctic.

All I could was laugh really, but then thought “Oh man, they actually mean this.”

Heres one of my favorite comedians, Eddie Izzard, and his take on flag planting (however, he does use quite a bit of language, but in a British sort of way, for those of you who might be wary of that kind of thing):

Enough said really. This is utter absurdity by the Russians. A titanium flag? Really. But then you read on and realize that this is all about claiming territory for drilling – for money. Great. Go on and “colonize” international waters to mess up more land is such a good idea. I wonder if we’ll ever learn the lessons on empire, the modern nation-state and greed.


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