action, solidarity, vigil

No, I won’t go there.

I am missing the American Academy of Religion (AAR) meeting again this year (actually I’ve never made it before, but thats beside the point). Why? Because this year I am going to the Vigil against the School of Americas/WHINSEC held just outside of Fort Benning, Georgia on November 16-18.

If you do not know about the School of Americas, just click on the link above or read The School of the Americas: Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas by Lesley Gill, both are informative.

As a “chair” for the Students for Peace and Justice Caucus at Union, I am involved to one degree or another about the issue of our transportation. If anyone up here in the Northeast needs some help getting down, we might be able to help out with a ride, or at least could point you in the direction of the New York chapter of the SOA/WHINSEC Watch who is also planning their trip.

Also if anyone out there on the net will be at the Vigil and wants to say Hi while down there, it’d be great to see you.


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