THO is back, for real.

The Holy Observer, my favorite Christian satire site, is back after literally years of silence. Yay!

My favorites from this edition are the Christian personal Ads and the poll: “What first thing would Paul say if he were placed in present day America?”

Christian Personal Ad Gets Too “Personal”

A popular Christian dating site has gone nearly silent after a controversial listing created an uproar last month. A male poster to placed an ad titled, “Song of Solomon man seeks Ezekiel 23 Woman.” Though no one noticed it for more than two weeks, the site was flooded with complaints after one woman looked up the verse in question and reported the listing as offensive. The man, whose name we have withheld to protect his identity, explained that he had noticed posts with Bible verses became more popular: “The most popular post on the site over the previous three months had been ‘Proverbs 31 Woman seeks Ephesians 5 Man,’ he said. “I saw that post, and I thought using Scripture was sure to get me a good woman. I just figured I should be honest about what I thought a good woman was.”


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