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Don’t Sleep on James Cone

This is a professor of mine here at Union. I’ve really only taken one class of his, I wish I could take more. Give it a watch, he only starts to warm up towards the end.

“Ya’ll don’t want none of this. Ya’ll ain’t ready for this. Don’t sleep on James Cone.”This theoblog is inherently a blog on political theology because the church – the body of Christ – is inherently political. I do not think we can rightly understand and critique the way we are right now, much less move to a greater future without the black voice and other “minority” voices. The church is not white, so our economy, our eucharist and our politics should not be white. So don’t sleep on James Cone.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep on James Cone

  1. Bobby Grow says:


    thank you for sharing this, this was awesome awesome. Martin Luther would’ve been proud, Cone sounds like a “theologian of the cross”.

  2. d. w. horstkoetter says:

    The class I did take from Cone was on Liberation theology and we spent a good week on his work. Between his lectures and selections of readings on or by him, both in his class and other classes, I think I’ve got a good idea of him and it has certainly changed me much and for the better. I’m still trying to figure out how to squeeze in his Martin and Malcom class in next semester. If you liked Black Theology & Black Power, make sure you give his Martin and Malcom book a read. I also have some writings engaging with Cone, even one he has graded (hint: its the paper on liberation theology, bonhoeffer and moltmann post and he liked it), posted here if you haven’t given those a look yet. You might find them interesting and a platform to continue studies on Cone.

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