not so theological

Colbert and his Million Strong

This is from the BBC:

More than a million people have backed comic Stephen Colbert’s fake candidacy in the 2008 US presidential election on social-networking website Facebook.

In nine days, more than 1m users joined an online group set up after the Colbert Report host announced his bid.

…The group grew so quickly it caused technical problems for the website, which has nearly 50 million users around the world and is said to account for 1% of all internet traffic.

I think I could actually vote for Colbert. Well that is to say, I’d vote and then repent, or something like that. Then again, voting in Alaska means nothing on the national level. At least he’ll think about the issues and tell us his reasoning. Yeah, I know he is a comic, but he’d be honest me thinks. Also, the man has guts, sticking it to the president at the correspondents dinner? Wow.


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