Ekklesia Project, J. Kameron Carter

race in the coming year

I am not a fan of new years resolutions, aside from the fact that it takes away from the Christian calendar, personally they just never fan out. Empty promises I say. However, there are two things of note that I am really looking forward to this coming year – and now they have dates – so keep an eye out for them.

First is J. Kameron Carter’s book Race: A Theological Account. It’ll be available at the end of May. Woo hoo!

The second is the Ekklesia Project’s Summer Conference. It’ll again be at De Paul, and here is the description they just sent out:

Crossing the Divide: Race, Racism and the Body of Christ
EP Summer Gathering, July 7-9, Depaul University
We approach this year’s gathering in great hope, believing that the church has been given adequate and even abundant gifts which make unity possible across the false divisions of race. We hope to explore some of those gifts and celebrate the practices of the congregations among us who are being formed graciously into a new body. We are also asking endorsers and guests to help us closely examine our own practices and institutions in order to expose and heal hidden wounds. We plan on worshiping and singing together, and on listening to one another as we encounter a difficult moral issue.

Confirmed speakers or preachers include James Lewis and Mike Budde, but we will soon announce many more. As always we offer our time together in service of the church and pray that our efforts will contribute to its unity.


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