Kingdom, terror


Who says America doesn’t use terror as a weapon? Remember “Shock and Awe”? Or how about this, little beauty?

We are not innocent and the American cause is not righteous. Instead, as one can hear in the narrator’s voice, there is an unholy fixation on power, blood and death. Its virtually pornographic — voyeuristic. How Roman. And worst of all, people think this is a good idea. It was Rome that crucified and it is America that lynched. It is this culture that Jesus rejects and provides an alternative way of being, an ontology grounded in God’s rule. Personally, it doesn’t seem that it could get any clearer: America, Jesus has some serious problems with you.


5 thoughts on “Terror

  1. Christian says:

    I feel sick to my stomach. It is unbelievable how we can openly turn terror and bloodshed into an entertainment spectacle. The language employed to talk about those whom this weapon will be used against is so dehumanized: “The bad guys” and “the enemy”. That must be how these folks can sleep at night.

    – Christian

  2. Yeah Christian, its bizarre how well delusion, money, denial and drugs will get us through the day. At the end of it all, we’ll die of the stress built up over time from the violence we do to ourselves to maintain this lifestyle we want. At least there is some kind of poetic irony that the life style we kill people for, kills us as well.

    And as always Halden, thank you. Its not quite Colbert, but it’ll do.

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