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The Real Reason for the Reformation

Halden has been on an ecumenical kick lately, engaging Catholics, wondering what it means to still be Protestant, and other equally irrelevant subjects. Heres my go at it: I think I’ve identified the problem in a classic sketch by Monty Python. (I do feel some what obliged to mention that this is Monty Python which means that it may be a bit much for some people, but hopefully not. I for one will giggle myself to sleep.)

Oh and seriously, congratulations on the kid, Michael of catholicanarchy.


2 thoughts on “The Real Reason for the Reformation

  1. I’m going to have to dissent from liking this video. I don’t see how mocking faithful Catholics is beneficial. I’m a Protestant, but the Catholic Church does have a sophisticated account of why they believe all sexual acts must be open to the unitive and procreative function of marriage (I’d start with Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility, a fascinating work). The sad thing is that many, many people do believe that the Catholic Church teaches that “every sperm is sacred,” and I’m sure this Monty Python sketch (though intended for exaggeration-in-humor) has helped perpetuate this calumny.

  2. In case you missed it, its supposed to be a joke that is equally critical of Protestants. Near the end, there is the Protestant take on birth.

    Yes the Catholic church has a complex reason for understanding sex the way they do, one could start with Augustine and original sin, which is the normal starting place. However, Monty Python, as most humor of its type, can and should be disassociated from the actual historical reality because what it normally pokes fun at are stereotypes themselves.

    If you follow on this site the theologians/scholars that have had a large impact on me, you’d find quite a few Catholic theologians – in fact the three scholars I use to construct my political theology are all Catholic and I am not surprised by such a “coincidence.” I am also not okay with having or maintaining an anti-Catholicism bias in American Protestantism. Trust me, this wasn’t supposed to be hating or baiting Catholics. The post is part humorous take on Catholics and Protestants (if anyone were to take a theological interpretation from Monty Python and no one else, I would say there is cause for concern, but perhaps not for the reasons you might) and saying congratulations to Michael, albeit in a slightly weird way (then again this is me).

    However, I do think the skit has something interesting to say about why people still remain Protestant, for rather superficial or outdated reasons really, which is what Halden was aiming at the entire time he had his run of questioning why someone might remain Protestant. If sexual “freedom” is the result of the Reformation today, perhaps Protestantism is in dire straights or lost its way. Well of course it isn’t merely sexual “freedom,” but then what is it? Ah, now the interesting question has been asked, prompted by the same skit that other people find simultaneously uncouth.

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