Driver on Liturgical Freedom and Space

Space. Although I would not like to encourage spending huge amounts of money on a new church architecture, the space in many churches is very poorly designed for the Eucharistic performance of freedom. One of the main problems is the presence of church pews, which I have long regarded as an invention of the Devil to keep the people of God apart. It is exceedingly difficult to envision, let alone perform, the freedom of the gospel while confined to pews. In such a fix, the most one can do is to hear about freedom, not touch it or feel it.

Liberating Rites: Understanding the Transformative Power of Ritual by Tom F. Driver, 213.


One thought on “Driver on Liturgical Freedom and Space

  1. Joan says:

    I think that pews do keep people physically apart, but that this is good; we are not accustomed to physical contact in the UK, and it is anxiety-provoking to anticipate an attempted hug from some enthusiastic person behind us! Particularly when we are trying to relax and give our mindfulness to the liturgy, a sudden lunge is extremely disturbing and evokes a “startle” reaction. In some churches, every member of the congregation wants to “exchange the peace” with all the other members, which is chaotic! It is all too easy for physical “togetherness” to be taken, erroneously, as a sign of real, underlying unity!
    Dominus vobiscum.
    Et cum spiritu tuo.

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