James Cone

Cone on CNN?

Rumor has it that Prof. James Cone of Union Theological Seminary will be on CNN soon. James ConeApparently he wasn’t on earlier because classes come first, or so fellow students say. I like him, even if I don’t like R. Niebuhr much.

The subsumed, or sometimes overt racist overtones (heres to looking at you Limbaugh – asinine is too charitable a word), coupled with the media’s profound ignorance of Black Liberation theology has put out some amazingly ill informed content to put it kindly. Pretty much a bunch of sound bites and the most superficial punditry nonsense. Journalism here sucks, especially when it comes to theology. This kind of reminds me of the whole William’s fiasco not too long ago.

So keep a look out on CNN by TV or internet, because Cone should be on soon and finally help bring some clarity to this whole fiasco.


3 thoughts on “Cone on CNN?

  1. Not yet. I was thinking just yesterday that nothing may actually come of it. Perhaps CNN will think the issue is past, then again, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t gone away for good yet. If I do hear news that he got on, I’ll be sure to post it.

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