interview, Roger Haight, roman catholic

Roger Haight on Post Vatican II

Prof. Roger Haight has written an article for America Magazine.haight Haight is also on the America podcast in a great little interview extending his article. You can find it here or here. He addresses and clarifies a great deal, ranging from theologian to theologian (Rahner, Metz, Schilleebeckx, Lubac, Sobrino, Johnson, Copeland, etc.), but also touches on the context leading up to Vatican II, church action, theology and science, academia, and the current lay trend to do theology that points to a change in the Catholic church (as opposed to the norm now of clerical theologians). While none of it is largely surprising to those of us who have taken classes from him, I know for many others on the internet, this would be fascinating, so give it a listen.


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