J. Kameron Carter, political theology

Politics and Faith in North Carolina

I’ve been waiting to post on J. Kameron Carter. He came by Union to speak at Columbia in mid-April from his up coming book, Race: A Theological Account — specifically the lecture was on the scientific classification of race driven by its theological roots. The video of him should be up here soon, said an email response to my query for an eta, but as one can tell they have quite a backlog and I am unsure as to when the video will actually be made available. So bug them to move the video up on their priority list.

And so, with the possibility of the video not getting posted soon, I figured I would mention an appearance by Gregory Jones, dean of Duke’s divinity school, J. Kameron Carter, professor at Duke, and William Barber II, president of North Carolina’s NAACP were on a local news show discussing faith and politics. Any time one has the opportunity to see Carter speak, I highly recommend it.

An interesting side note, when Carter came by, he mentioned a few current and future projects. If he stays on course, well, lets just say Radical Orthodoxy will get quite a critique soon. I expect such a critique will be flowing from his book to be published this summer and along the lines of “the way beyond the present isn’t always about looking in the past to move forward.”


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