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The Politics of Preschool

This video is just too good not to post. It is excellent.

I find most interesting (other than the fact that this story starts in a thanksgiving celebration) the mention at the end about narrative, creating a narrative, and then telling this hurting boy that this is simply the way the world works, so “get used to it.” In such a stark reality that the video so eloquently portrays, gifting (grace) is a radical reality, but has apparently no proper place in governmental politics. Juxtaposing the divine economy of grace and the economy of governmental politics begins to help the Christian understand what political theology really is; the two are very different at the most fundamental level. Such a dramatic category distinction is the beginning of the re-politicizing of American Christianity.


2 thoughts on “The Politics of Preschool

  1. adamsteward says:

    That film is absolutely troubling. I think your concluding wrap up maybe detracts from the satirical force of the clip, but yeah, you’re right.

  2. I am pretty good at ruining all sorts of things, so what makes this film better than the rest that I shouldn’t ruin it? Oh, thats cause its awesome.

    However, I like juxtaposition and while this film had it, albeit quite subtle, I wanted to emphasize the tension more. So :P

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