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Memorial Day, A Pagan Holiday

Today, Michael over at Catholic Anarchy has directed readers back to his post last year on Memorial Day. Its well done and I whole heartedly agree. I’d encourage anyone to take a look, especially if you’re horrified at the idea that Memorial Day is a pagan holiday.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day, A Pagan Holiday

  1. theoldadam says:

    Iraq and Vietnam, almost the same?

    I thought Vietnam was one country trying to takeover another country and unite the two under communism.

    The one country didn’t want communism and all that went along with it, and we didn’t want to see the communist system of government advance further in the world so we were there to try and stop the communists and prevent the North from taking over the huge reserves of oil that the South had.

    Now, in Iraq, you had basically a hostile government towards the U.S., Israel, and it’s neighbors, working on WMD and threatening to control a region, also destablizing the precarious balance in the region and destablizing oil procurement.

    Interchangable? Maybe so! Interesting idea, but I’m not quite there.


    – Steve Martin San Clemente, CA

  2. Listening closely to King’s speech will help one understand Vietnam, and subsequently Iraq, in a different light than the normal story of justification from the status quo. I highly recommend it.

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