Michael Pfleger

On Father Pfleger and the Fall Out

Michael over at catholicanarchy has written quite a good post on Father Michael Pfleger and the media renewing controversy around liberation theology and politics. I recommend it. A quote from the post:

Michael Pfleger was not in the wrong because he shined a light on the problem America has with racial privilege. In that sense, he was prophetic, fulfilling his role as a Catholic pastor. Pfleger was in the wrong because he participated in politics “American style,” endorsing a candidate and speaking violently and personally against another candidate. So let us not demand that priests like Pfleger “stay out of politics” — most especially by asking them to stay silent on the issue of race in America — lest we participate in our own marginalization as members of the Body of Christ. Priests are called by the Body to speak the Word, shining a light on injustice and division in a radical way that should make people in the pews uncomfortable. This is the kind of radical politics in which our clerics should be engaged, no matter now much FOX News and ABC’s Jake Tapper want the Church to stay in its place. The modern liberal nation-state wants priests to stay out of politics because, ultimately, it wants the Church, as a Body, to stay out of politics. We need priests who are more, not less, political, but they need to be political in the right way, as pastors of the Body of Christ whose allegiance is to Christ — to the his radical and uncomfortable truth of his Gospel of peace and justice and to his Church whose task is to continue proclaiming that radical Gospel in a hostile world — instead of partisan concerns.

And, in other news, Obama resigns from Trinity Church.

“We don’t want to have to answer for everything that is stated in the church,” Mr Obama said, speaking in South Dakota, which holds its primary election on Tuesday.

“On the other hand, we also don’t want a church subjected to the scrutiny that a presidential campaign legitimately undergoes.”


2 thoughts on “On Father Pfleger and the Fall Out

  1. Have you ever in your life seen anybody pandering more to a Black audience? He did everything but grab his crotch and start babbling about hoes, bitches and motherfuckers? More proof that being celebate makes you freaking nuts in my humble opinion!

  2. Unfortunately, equating liberation theology with a corporate rap video is about as ill informed as you can get. Never mind the racist undertones.

    The pandering we theologians leave up to the politicians, those religious types who aspire to be in cahoots with said politicians, and the political system in general.

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