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Oh Crap.

And now everything has gotten more complicated:

What began as a tussle over the Episcopal Church’s liberal stance on homosexuality has become a contentious legal fight over church property. The Protestants’ amicus brief says the law draws “civil courts into a theological thicket” and favors congregational-based denominations over hierarchical churches.

The Episcopal Church, the UMC, the PCUSA and other denominations argue that local congregations hold property—from the stained glass to bank accounts —in trust for the denomination. Their hierarchical structures, they say in the amicus brief, are religiously based, and civil courts have no business resolving “fundamentally religious questions.”

Rifts are bad. So is using civil law as ecclesial law. I think Paul was right and this just keeps getting worse.


2 thoughts on “Oh Crap.

  1. This happened as well with various parish properties in the Catholic Archdiocese of Portland. During litigation over sex abuse, the question was raised whether the archdiocese should have to sell various parish holdings to pay for legal settlements. I believe, in the end, the argument that the grounds belong to each parish won out.

  2. Huh. Well I suppose that makes sense, a lot of pay outs and court fees were in order thats for sure. However, in this case, I think it’ll be a bit different and it seems to me more widespread. The indication that other denominations are getting into this, for me at least, shows the impact one denominational rift will have on others. And now that we’re into money, I expect it to get very ugly and all the more painful. Lord help.

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