Wait, what??

Edit: As suspected, this is someone having fun. Well done sir.

Apparently, film and DVD companies are seeking to code their dvds toward specific religions, or so the internet says:

All major film studios and distributors recently announced their support for introducing a system of DVD Religion Coding to new DVD releases. Under this system, new DVD players will contain hardware constraints restricting them to playing only DVDs encoded with a compatible Religion Code. This proposal has the official backing of The Vatican, leaders of most Protestant Christian sects, several influential Rabbinical Councils, and many other world religious leaders.

The theory behind Religion Coding is that it allows film distributors to market films selectively to target audiences with different release schedules. Government censorship authorities also see it as a useful way of re-packaging, re-rating, or in some cases re-cutting films to suit the sensibilities of different religions.

What Are the Proposed Religion Codes?

Under the proposal for the DVD Religion Coding scheme, the world’s faiths will be divided into 8 Religion Codes as follows:

Religion 1 – Catholic
Religion 2 – Protestant
Religion 3 – Muslim
Religion 4 – Eastern European Orthodox
Religion 5 – Jewish
Religion 6 – Hindu/Buddhist
Religion 7 – Shinto/Taoist
Religion 8 – Other

Anyone else know about this? And does this sound like a bad idea to anyone else, or is this just me?


4 thoughts on “Wait, what??

  1. I think it is a joke, probably playing on the current practice of “regions” in the current DVD spec. I doubt such a scheme could be successfully implemented now, since the DVD spec has already been standardized and millions of players and perhaps billions of discs have been made. Also, DVD is being deprecated in favor of BluRay.

  2. That would make sense. I couldn’t find much else out there on the net, so it seemed suspicious. However we know how terrifically stupid Sony and Universal (more specifically the music divisions) can be, coupled with the outrageously lucrative “Christian” market, I didn’t think this would be too far from reality since commodifing religion is nothing new.

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