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Humane? Lies.

From Yahoo News on Omar Khadr:

The prisoner appears to have given up hope by the end and doesn’t seem likely to cooperate with authorities, former FBI agent Jack Cloonan said after viewing the excerpt. “He has probably made up his own mind that he is dead, he is dead man walking.”

A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Cmdr. J.D. Gordon, denied Khadr was mistreated. “Our policy is to treat detainees humanely and Khadr has been treated humanely,” Gordon said.

The video was made by U.S. authorities and turned over to Khadr’s defense team, Gordon said. The tapes are U.S. property.

A Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs report said a Canadian official, Jim Gould, visited Khadr in 2004 and was told by the American military that the detainee was moved every three hours to different cells.

That technique, dubbed, “frequent flyer,” was one of at least two sleep deprivation programs the U.S. military used against Guantanamo prisoners. Detainees were moved from cell to cell throughout the night to keep them awake and weaken their resistance to interrogation.

Treated humanely? Bullshit. Techniques like that are not humane. Torture has to go. Jesus was Omar. This is wicked.

Again, from my thesis:

There is no help for the voiceless in torture. In fact, everything is against the voiceless, leaving the victim a hollow, deconstructed shell of a person soon ready to be filled with the voice of the torturer: “Torture inflicts bodily pain that is itself language-destroying, but torture also mimes (objectifies in the external environment) this language-destroying capacity in its interrogation, the purpose of which is not to elicit needed information but visibly to deconstruct the prisoner’s voice.”

In sum, torture does not merely leave its mark by the disillusion of one’s world through the mind and body. It also leaves an imprint – a constructed structure designed by the torturer. “In torture, it is in part the obsessive display of agency that permits one person’s body to be translated into another person’s voice, that allows real human pain to be converted into a regime’s fiction of power.” Like a brand searing into flesh, torture obliterates the established cellular structure as it also leaves a sign of ownership – a reconstituted structure predicated on the structure of the brand, or in this case, the state who tortures. Simply put, the tortured is re-made in the image of the torturer.

That is not humane, in fact, it is the exact opposite. It is a violent cloning, the force feeding of a story, the creation of zombies, a lobotomy if you will. Its wrong and it certainly is not humane.


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