I Like T-shirts

I like t-shirts. I have quite a few. I’ve liked them for quite a few years, however, I do have a specific taste. I like ones that confuse people, and not because they have some pithy phrase. I also like the same ones that confuse people to make people laugh or ponder. I also like a statement. Some of mine I think are absolutely (1) hysterical (2).

But I think my favorite one is quite ambiguous to some, while others maintain that it is rather political. I feel the latter about it is more accurate. While some people confuse war and peace, thinking they look quite similar, we ought to never think the two are the same, or that one actually leads to the other:


6 thoughts on “I Like T-shirts

  1. Dave says:

    I also greatly enjoy t-shirts, and threadless is the place I go to get them. I have the Communist Party shirt, and also the War and Peace shirt.

    The responses I get are sometimes interesting. I typically don’t like it when people make a big deal over the shirt I am wearing. One time, I was wearing the War and Peace shirt at some family reunion function, and someone complimented me on the shirt. Well, to be more accurate, I don’t think he really saw anything other than the grenade, because he said that he liked the grenade and then went on and on about war and his personal philosophy which was vaguely Hobbesian.

    Needless to say, I don’t think we were quite on the same page.

    I only wish threadless would switch to totally American Apparel tees, because they are so damn comfortable!

  2. True, True. They really should switch over.

    I too find that often one finds out much about the reader than the shirt itself. And it can be somewhat awkward when they seem to not get it. Oh well. It is a nice surprise to find a kindred spirit. That can make up for many awkward experiences.

  3. I am the wearer of a great number of nerd shirts which are quite funny. What I find amusing is that most people, when encountered by such a shirt, will laugh, even though it is clear they do not understand why it is funny.

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