200 Posts In

I just reached my 200th post, on embodiment nonetheless. Don’t worry, the irony of a post on the internet about body as a theological category hasn’t escaped me. Still, I thought that perhaps this artificial milestone could warrant a bit of a look back. That is if you’ll allow this indulgence. So you’re allowing it? Great! Below are the top ten posts in terms of traffic, followed by some notable posts that do not seem to receive the same amount of traffic, but I think are still interesting or important.

The top ten:
1. Understanding Wright by Understanding Cone (1): Black Liberation Theology from Cone
2. Speaking from the Grave
3. About the Author and Blog
4. The Great Philosopher on War and Violence
5. Confession Meme
6. Roger Haight’s Christology
7. On Cornel West, Constantinianism and Adjusting Hauerwas
8. Understanding Wright by Understanding Cone (2): Cone Explained — How the Media, Politicos, and Others Like Them are Stupid as a Brick and Got it All Wrong
9. Towards a Political Theology
10. Bonhoeffer and Moltmann

Some other notable posts:
Proclaiming Crankiness
Merging Moltmann and Metz: An End Course Review
Responding Theologically in the Face of Torture
McGuckin on St. Nich and Capitalism’s Parody
Bodies, Correlation, and Introducing Liberation Theology


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