hamlet, political theology

Hamlet and Political Theology: A Link

I was wanting to do my next post on Hamlet and Political theology. The reader will note that I have a purely platonic attraction to the Hamlet play, albeit a very strong attraction. (Think Indiana Jones for other guys.) Especially after watching Kenneth Branaugh’s version of Hamlet. Which is f#&$*@%! awesome, by the way. And I may continue to work on that post. But I did come across a great page that ought to be mentioned. Outlined at the blog Thinking with Shakespeare is a seminar titled “Hamlet and Political Theology.”

Now my foray into some of the founders of “political theology” as it is known today is still somewhat new. So for me, this works great as an introduction and it engages one of my favorite plays. But for others, perhaps this will be like returning to an old friend. Still, I think everyone would do well to give this a look. Below is some of the seminar’s bibliography to pique your interest.

Carl Schmitt’s Hamlet Oder Hekuba: Der Einbruch der Zeit in das Spiel was published in 1956 … David Pan (UCI) and Jennifer Rust (St. Louis University; CUI Ph.D.) are working on a translation of the text, forthcoming from Telos Press, Spring 2009.

“Hamlet or Hecuba: Carl Schmitt’s Decision” by Victoria Kahn [on jstor]

“From Walter Benjamin to Carl Schmitt, via Thomas Hobbes” By Horst Bredekamp, Melissa Thorson Hause, Jackson Bond [on jstor]

“Hamlet, Prince: Tragedy, Citizenship, and Political Theology.” By Julia Reinhard Lupton. [pdf for download on the website]

Lupton and Reinhard on Benjamin and Hamlet [pdf for download on the website]

“Hamlet and the Scottish Succession?” by Stuart M. Kurland [on jstor]


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