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6 Opinions on Christianity or Religion that Fail to Stir My Interest

The following is a list of movies, tv shows, general entertainment, and media personalities that I find rather underwhelming when it comes to critiquing Christianity, because of their boring, uninteresting, or simple repetition of narratives that they themselves have refused to critically reflected upon. They also seem to simply trip over their own feet, or at least from a theologian’s view point. Its like they haven’t familiarized themselves with theology at all. Terry Eagleton was right. On my own, I do not plan on or normally enjoy watching them.

1. Bloodline. The Da Vinci Code without its crappy narrative and writing, and perhaps more crazy!

2. Religulous. I realize this has yet to come out, but the trailer seems to indicate that Maher is maintaining a certain level of continuity with statements on his show about religion being the root of violence.

3. House’s rants on rationality and against religion.

4. George Carlin’s rants that characterize Christianity by certain Christians. He seems to thoroughly miss the radical, counter-political nature.

5. The Rational Response Squad/ Christopher Hitchens/ Richard Dawkins/ other Enlightenment believers that don’t quite get what they’re critiquing.

6. Youtube videos by people “taking on Christianity.”

Have I missed any?


2 thoughts on “6 Opinions on Christianity or Religion that Fail to Stir My Interest

  1. I think #6 should have at least too concrete mentions: “The God Who Wasn’t There,” and “Zeitgeist: The Movie.”

    And I think Carlin was a good filter for Christians to view public perception of who we are. The fact that he thought he was critiquing the status quo lets us know there is something of a “visibility” problem.

  2. Ah right, I forgot about those. Good call.

    Certainly Carlin did a lot of helpful work I think. Hell, I like to pay attention to a lot of what he says and in many ways he addresses some very real problems, however, he also makes some pretty sweeping generalizations and discounts religion/Christianity. Thats what I was trying to hit at here.

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