Neglected Theologians over at Levellers

Michael Westmoreland-White over at Levellers has been putting together a series on neglected theologians that ought to be recovered. While some names may seem unfamiliar to many, that is the point. These theologians are not in our active consciousness or discussion, but the people writing the guests posts argue that we ought to take another look.

The first post was on the Venerable Bede by Tim J. Furry, Ph.D. Student at the University of Dayton.

The second post was on the Blumhardts, Johann Blumhardt and Christoph Blumhardt, by Christian T. Collins Winn, Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Bethel University. Collins Winn also has a book coming out on the Blumhardts soon.

Soon, yours truly will also have a post on Levellers arguing for a theologian that should be recovered.

Go give the previous posts a look, and keep an eye out for the rest of the posts in the series. I expect, that in the least, it’ll help the reader gain a broader knowledge of who influences who in theology and perhaps even help one establish a more robust reading list.


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