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Palin, Sigh

Two things:

First, I’m in the process of looking for a church while here in Milwaukee. A friend from class mentioned I would be welcome at his Mennonite church, and I do like those Mennos. However, thats all a setup for the best line I heard while I was there:

Jesus was a community organizer, and it was Pilate who was the governor.

Second, it is a fact that I am from Alaska. I try not to make a big deal out of it here on the blog. It is bad enough now when people ask me about Palin in real life — I often start off with derisive words about the press’ inability to actually investigate and end with, “so we’re pretty much screwed” — and I really don’t want to get in a partisan debate on a theological blog, especially because I’m neither Republican or Democrat, with major reservations about both.

However, having Palin say that the war in Iraq is God’s plan, as is the natural gas pipeline, in a church back home, I do want to mildly respond to that with: Hell No. Unfortunately, this is how we often breed ’em up there:


5 thoughts on “Palin, Sigh

  1. The Iraq war being God’s plan would not necessarily be a good thing for the US if we follow the patterns of warfare in the Prophets. =P

    At any rate, this piques my interest about how most folks in the US come to decisions about what God’s will is.

  2. adamsteward says:

    “You guys are a bunch of cool looking Christians; you’re just hip, and cool, and unique, and people are going to be interested in Jesus because of the way you look.”


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