Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Theres some interesting stuff going on at The Other Journal that people should be aware of. Apparently not all of Seattle is in Driscoll’s desiccating shadow. Yay!

First, their conference coming up at the end of October (23-25): Film, Faith, and Justice 2008. They’ll have the likes of Eugene McCarraher and J. Kameron Carter. I wish I could go. *ahem, cough, cough — heres to looking at you Ben*

Second, they’ve made a call out to theo bloggers who may want to get involved with The Other Journal:

What We’d Like:

We want our blog section to be a vibrant and diverse conversation, with bloggers from a wide range of Christian tradition and perspectives who blog keeping TOJ’s mission and vision in mind.

The Type of Blogger We’d Like:

We want bloggers who are interested in blogging what they’re passionate about in the realm of theology and culture. If you’re not interested in writing about hermeneutics, don’t write about it. If you are, great. Write about what you’re passionate about, not what you think will sound cool. We don’t mind if you’ve never blogged before. We don’t mind if you’ve blogged for years. We want voices with lots of ideas, opinions, and creativity. We’ll choose to start new blogs based on individual authors, not on a pre-determined list of categories.

And third, an interview with Stanley Hauerwas: “Learning Like a Christian: An Interview with Stanley Hauerwas.” They’ve got interviews with Cavanaugh and McCarraher that I’ve linked to before. Give ’em a look, even if you’ve read them before — they’re good.


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