Busy Busy Bee

School is swiftly coming to a close. “Eh?” you say. “But you two months left to do your work” you say. Thats true. I suppose I’ll mention what I’m working towards, and hence why the end feels so close and far away. The following may show up here as partially unfinished to see what you think, or as a more finished project, or I may become more productive in putting out theological posts because I’m procrastinating from doing theology for school… The point is, life is getting busier and the blog may reflect that in one way or another for awhile.

— Paper 1:
For Church and State Class: “Rowan Williams on Sharia, Social Space, and America”
This’ll be fun. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to touch a live wire.

— Paper 2:
For Incarnation Class: “The Interruptive Political Implications of the Incarnation”
Basically I’ll be fleshing out this paragraph from my MA thesis:

The incarnation was an interruption. It validated creation and yet opposed commodities. God came as a human, an impoverished human, and not a dollar sign. Jesus was not to be bought and sold, nor a price tag put on him – it was an evil act that sold him for thirty pieces of silver. Jesus was also born not into Roman citizenship or among the emperor’s family, but into a “lowly” status. Jesus was not a commodity or human royalty, but God interrupting economic anthropologies with God’s own economy of grace.

— Assorted Presentations, Latin, and an Oral Exam.

— Interview. You’ll hear about this later. It’ll be fun.


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