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My Polemics

I’m feeling a little polemical today. Reading John Courtney Murray does that to me. So what the hell, heres a few very short (mostly) polemical statements. Oh, and in an effort for some disclosure, I think I fall into some sort of Christian social-anarchism. Whatever that is. Mostly its about participating in the eschatological kingdom of God today.

My Polemic to Capitalism:
Screw all y’all, God favors the poor.

My Polemic to the Economists:
You do have a metaphysics and an anthropology. Hell, you even have a metanarrative. See Greenspan. And of course, it sucks. I don’t think its a stretch to say that the housing collapse is the failure of economic theory to be interdisciplinary and to take seriously theology. We’d let you know in a heart beat that humans are oriented in a way that is self-collapsing as it takes advantages of others, and creation in general.

My Polemic to Socialism:
Screw all y’all, you ain’t much better than Capitalism, even if you do fail better.

My Polemic to Anarchists:
Screw all y’all, the rule of God is good.

My Polemic to Washington DC:
Screw all y’all, the rule of God is sovereign and so you’re not.

My Polemic to the NSA and other arms of the government scrolling through theo-blogs looking to call us terrorists as well:
Screw all y’all, the church will still speak whether you deem it subversive or not and the church will still speak whether it is legal or not.


6 thoughts on “My Polemics

  1. Steve says:

    Um, dude. What you seem to be saying is, “Screw you, group X, I don’t like you and neither does God!” That last clause shouldn’t be thrown around loosely.

  2. dave says:

    That seems to be quite an extrapolation, Steve.

    It seems to be more along the lines of vented frustration at the failures of human institutions, and I think I’m pretty much in agreement with all of them.

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