political theology

In this Bleak Midwinter

Welp, looks like the NIC thinks everything going to go to hell by 2025.

…waning American influence, a fragmentation of political power and intensifying struggles for increasingly scarce natural resources…

…China will not be alone, however, in terms of its desire to provide a consumption-oriented American lifestyle to a rapidly growing population. Countries such as India and, to a lesser extent, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey, will also likely see their power — and desire for natural resources — increase…

…The lack of access to stable water supplies will also worsen due to rapid global urbanization, it says…

…Further complicating matters is the fact that while demand for energy is projected to rise, oil and gas production will continue to be “concentrated in unstable areas,” it says…

Okay. Well, sounds like theology has some of its project lined out for it. Not all that new really. At least these issues may be more visible now. Peace communities I think will be just as important as ever. The waning of American influence isn’t the death of the world, its just the partial tempering of another hegemonic Babylon that sought and seeks to freeze the world in a hierarchical stasis. Just like everyone else.

On a related subject, I’m glad of the focus on the new Bond film. Corporations reaching into countries, setting up sympathetic dictators with the aid of the CIA, and then “getting” ownership of the resources — in this case, water. This has been happening for years, centuries even, is happening now, and will continue to happen. Its about time we recognize our colonial structure. I just wish it were more evident in the movie (although I’m not sure it could be and still be a Bond movie). Other people who saw it didn’t seem to reflect on the issues and forces that threw Bond to and fro.


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