The Doubt Meme

Daniel over at On Journeying With Those in Exile put forward his own meme of sorts: 3 Doubts. Now, while this makes me a bit more… visible than I’d like on the internet, this meme I am a fan of. To act as if we don’t have doubts is just stupid. After all, if we humans are too assured of ourselves, something is wrong. I believe we call that narcissism. Anyways, following are three-ish doubts of mine that I take quite seriously, but one should also never forget Switchfoot’s lyric, “doubt your own doubts”:

1. What if this was all a joke, or simply the remembrance of a tradition that did not come from anything revelatory? What if some people are right, that this is mere coping and figments of collective imagination?

[The implications for this question are vast. Obviously.]

2. Why on earth hasn’t Jesus come back yet? Did we totally miss the boat with the idea of an eschaton?

[The implications for this question are also vast, although it may seem less obvious.]

3a. Why the hell am I still in the academy? What good will thinking and books do? What good could come out of slow education of people who are actually eager to think like me?

3b. Even if I wasn’t in the academy, could we really confront evil, participate in the in-breaking of God’s rule, and truly live the economy of grace? What if R. Niebuhr is right, that this is all just idealism and worse than pragmatism?

3+1. I doubt that the American church will ever give up its bourgeois inclinations without a spectacular collapse of the American empire.


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