A Polemic Against Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day? It’s crap! It’s an extension of the privatized, bourgeois religion that Metz criticizes: it is the epitome — the sacralized climax of the year — of love devoid of a community and the Christological economy of charity/grace. A Roman bacchanal was more subtle in its revelry with mammon and the state gods (that justified the Roman imperial hierarchy).

Teddy bears, awful candy, useless balloons, roses soon to wither, and lingerie — this is what the state’s freedom is for? And this “freedom” to spend money on ourselves, doesn’t this makes us the gods now? Official opinion of Valentine’s day: It’s narcissistic! It’s crap!

That’ll be all. It’s not worth any more time.


15 thoughts on “A Polemic Against Valentine’s Day

  1. If it makes you feel better, the wikipedia article mentions a legend from Belarus about the origin in which St. Valentine (it doesn’t specify which of the 13 St. Valentines), upon being rejected by his mistress, cuts out his heart and sends it to her while it is still bleeding.

  2. Colin,
    I suppose that’s more interesting than an ear from a painter. But I’m having flashbacks from Indiana Jones.

    Jerk. Although, shall I ask if you’re celebrating the Cardinals’ win over the Stealers? Oh, wait.

    That does look interesting. Just about as crazy as that ulta-meatloaf. Oh, and make and eat some wings for me. I still dream of those.

  3. I saw the most awesome flag dangling from a home yesterday. It was a pink banner with red, white, and blue hearts saying “God bless the USA.” Yes, someone managed to cram civil religion, commercialism, and patriotism into one flag. It was a sight to behold. I think I am going to find it again and take a picture tonight.

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