3 thoughts on “On Catholic Social Teaching: Octogesima Adveniens

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  2. René Barec says:

    An interesting summary.
    Though what do you think specifically about Octogesima Adveniens # 19, 24, 25 and 50?

    – “In no other age has the appeal to the imagination of society been so explicit…”

    – “The two aspirations, to equality and to participation, seek
    to promote a democratic type of society. Various models are proposed, some are tried out, none of them gives complete satisfaction, and the search goes on betwwen ideological and pragmatic tendencies. The Christian has the duty to take part in this search and in the organization and life of political society…”

    – “It is not for the State or even for political parties, which would be closed unto themselves, to try to impose an ideology
    by means that would lead to a dictatorship over minds, the worst kind of all. It is for cultural and religious groupings, in the freedom of acceptance which they presume, to develop in the social body, desinterestedly and in their own ways, those ultimate convictions on the nature, origin and end of man and society”.

    – “The Church invites all Christians to take up a double task of inspiring and of innovating, in order to make structures evolve, so as to adapt them to the real needs of today…”

    Critic needs indeed!

  3. Edgar Chacon says:

    Hi I am from Costa Rica. It seems that OA and the CST needs a review of SOME words and ideas in a different world. Still, many deep ideas are to remain valid nowdays, I think. 5.11

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