6 thoughts on “On Catholic Social Teaching: Justitia in Mundo

  1. Catholic Social Thought includes “unofficial” catholic social thought, as opposed to official thought from the Magesterium. Teaching and doctrine are within official social thought, at times there has been a distinction between the two (Universal Moral Principles (binding on all) and Prudential Application of Principles (in policy recommendations)), but under others, like John Paul II, Teaching and doctrine have been called the same thing.

    The prof. is using a monograph, Catholic Social Thought: Twilight or Renaissance?, from a Leuven conference in 2000. Its a great book from what we read, but its rather expensive.

  2. I see. That makes sense.

    Have you seen Himes, et al. Modern Catholic Social Teaching: Commentaries and Interpretations, Georgetown University Press? Good stuff. Richard Gaillardetz’ article on CST and ecclesiology includes a mention of Bill Cavanaugh, Mike Budde, and Mike Baxter.

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