What Ignoring Does

Now this white Catholic marginalization of Black theology makes a statement to black Christians. It says, “Your experience of struggle, suffering, and triumph and your Christian reflections on your experience do not count.” this is the cultural devaluation and psychological violation that constitute racism. Whites are victims, too. To declare, in effect, that the slave trade’s cost of fifty million ancestors, that the torture endured by the slaves and their descendants, that the martyrdom of Christian slaves at the hands of slaveholders outraged by their slaves’ conviction that God loved them and wanted their freedom, that the degradation of Jim Crow and the reign of terror known as lynching, that the faith-born and faith-nurtured resistance to these atrocities, which was sung in the black spirituals, proclaimed in black preaching, interrogated in black theology — to declare implicitly that all this has nothing significant to contribute to a Catholic Christian understanding of the gospel for our time and nation is a drastic truncation and impoverishment of Catholic theology.

Interrupting White Privilege: Catholic Theologians Break the Silence, pg. 19-20.


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