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Keep an Eye out for this Book

rootedProf. Long showed me a book last semester, “Hey, David, you like Metz right? Well this book has him and liberation theology and…”, and now I’ve finally gotten some extended time with his copy. It’s called Rooted in Jesus Christ: Toward a Radical Ecclesiology by Daniel Izuzquiza. It comes out in early May.

Izuzquiza tracks through Latin/South American Liberation theology, Lindbeck/language, Milbank, Yoder, Dorothy Day, and Metz in the first part. The second part follows body of Christ theology, sacraments, mysticism, witness and counter-politics. He also draws in a great many other sources. Did I mention it’s a political-ecclesiological theology? And did I mention that so far in my reading, Izuzquiza has some helpful insights and synthesizes quite well (he even lines up peoples theology in charts)? Oh, and its very readable, both in clarity and how he sets up his argument. It may work as an introduction for some, and perhaps for an undergrad class as well, but its greatest value is in its connective work.

Eerdmans describes it as:

Daniel Izuzquiza here proposes a vibrant interdisciplinary theology from the unique perspective of the “least of these” — the poor — and extends an invitation to mystical, political, and ecclesial engagement.

In Rooted in Jesus Christ Izuzquiza analyzes the language of theology, the role of social sciences, the transformation of culture, and the church’s approach to politics. To that end he dialogues with some of the main theological proposals of the late twentieth century, from Latin American liberation theology to radical theology in the English-speaking world to European political theology. He also offers a more systematic development of radical ecclesiology, analyzing the sources of the proposal as alternative Christian practices. The result is a groundbreaking call to action and change for the entire church.

I may have just been “scooped.” But I don’t mind, so far I really like it and the dissertation is still a ways off. And I don’t think he really touches on race (this could be a potential criticism of his work). People, seriously, take a good, long look at this book. I’m quite excited to get a look at it. I’ll be getting my own copy as soon as its available. Have I mentioned that I like this book?


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