not so theological

Wait, what?

It has come to my attention that more than one person has assumed, from this blog, that I am Roman Catholic. This I am not. I am also not a reformed type or evangelical (whatever that means). As for liberal or conservative? Meh. I am neither I think. I am, however, catholic and I quite like them Anabaptists. This is how I briefly describe my sympathies here at Marquette.

Anyways, I figured I should clarify. Enough about me.

Oh, and the new Decemberists album is great. That’ll be all.


13 thoughts on “Wait, what?

  1. How has your experience at Marquette been (seeing as how you’re not a Roman Catholic and all)?

    I’ve been thinking about Saint Louis University for more grad work (I can’t decide if I want another masters after this one, or if I want to go for the gold), and SLU seems to be similar to Marquette in many ways. So I would be happy to hear you’re thoughts.

    • I’ve had a great time so far. The Catholics here are pretty accepting, especially because the department is very ecumenical — even the ultramontanes! (That was for their benefit.)

      Surprisingly there were a lot of Protestants matriculating last year. In fact I hear the majority of the gradstudents in the theology department are actually Protestants (although they’re looking to balance that out now). The Protestants who do come in have their own sympathies to Catholicism and it makes for an interesting mixture. Luckily, so far I have found a great fit in the program, both with faculty and students.

      I am unsure about how much Saint Louis University compares to Marquette. A prof. from my undergrad got a phd there in historical theology. He was a good prof. and he seemed to like it. If SLU is indeed similar to Marquette, it could be a good move. I’m personally very happy with the move to Marquette (not that I was dissatisfied with my grad institution though). I strongly suggest you visit the institutions you are thinking about. I learned a lot in my visits, particularly about fit, which is in my mind one of the most important things to consider — it certainly is for the faculty.

      Also, if you’re going to do another masters, make sure you keep in mind where you’ll be applying to for phd studies. Otherwise you’ll be spending years and money without a trajectory.

  2. Thanks a lot for the advice. I’ll keep it in mind as I finish up this degree.

    The main reason I would go to SLU is because I have a tentative plan to move there after I finish school here and live in solidarity with the poor and oppressed there. That is not to say that I don’t think the school looks great. It’s just that my main reason for moving there would not be the school. I would only be a part time student there for a number of years.

    thanks again for your advice.

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