music, not so theological


I’ve got a lot to do in the next month and I suspect I’m not alone. This goes out to all those who wish they had a real office to get work done.

This is from the new Decemberists cd. Oh, and make sure you crank the volume. I’ve been living off this album for the past few weeks — it has been glorious:


4 thoughts on “Relax

  1. dave says:

    This is an awesome album, although it kind of crept up on me (which is what The Crane Wife did a couple of summers ago when I first got into the Decemberists). I really like the beginning of it, for some reason.

    It’s been a good year for music so far, I think. There’s a number of good albums that have already been released, and last night I heard a song off of the forthcoming Camera Obscura album called “French Navy,” which was really good. Also looking forward to the Grizzly Bear album in a few months (dare I say Two Weeks is the best song of the year?).

    It’s always nice to have some albums to jam to in the midst of paper-writing chaos. I’m entering that stage, albeit on a much easier pace than those in grad school. I’m mostly caught up with this Pauline paper on faith that examines Badiou, hopefully Kierkegaard, and briefly, a concluding theopolitical postscript (with a tip of the hat to Kierkegaard).

    • I must say I am a bit of a philistine when it comes to music. Which is to say I know what I like and I pretty much stick to that. Good luck with Badiou, he can be fun and annoying all at once.

  2. dave says:

    I suppose I’m somewhat in the same boat when it comes to music. My tastes are pretty narrow, but I don’t make much of an attempt to widen them, either. In fact, the widening of my tastes usually comes about from the outside, actually, and the two examples I listed are a good example. Camera Obscura, as I mentioned, was due to World Cafe, and I only became a fan of Grizzly Bear after seeing them open for Andrew Bird (who I’d say is my favorite artist).

    As far as Badiou, it’s been a big challenge to get a handle on some of the conversation. What’s most annoying is the tangential stuff (no pun intended!), which is to say that I accidently stumbled right into contemporary continental philosophy. I’m somewhat annoyed and tentative because of the fact that the only real theological engagement I can find with Badiou is from Radical Orthodoxy folks.

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