Alain Badiou, market

Badiou interviewed on the BBC

Alain Badiou on the economic crisis:

Despite the problems inherent to someone taking theology into their project (and possibly warping theology for their own purposes), I still find Badiou a very interesting man. Although I think I’m more sympathetic to Agamben.

I do wish we had a media like the BBC seen here in the video. At least he seems to know what he is talking about and actually done some reading of his interviewer’s works.

H/T: Ry


3 thoughts on “Badiou interviewed on the BBC

  1. Ben says:

    good find.

    couple of hard guys in hard times on hard talk . . . whoo whoo. nothing like watching a crudely empirical and pragmatically minded smug anchor boy (the british and more sophisticated version of that fox twit, shep smith) try to shit the usual on badiou; meanwhile all badiou can do is let himself get buried in it while religiously maintaining fidelity to some mystical event (can anyone describe this “new sequence” or do we just have to wait for the owl of minerva to eventually spell it out?)

    • Hardtalk > Crossfire.

      And yeah, there are clearly problems with Badiou, but its funny to hear a maoist admit to the religious/faith aspect. Oh, and I still maintain that in his book on Pauline Universalism seemed full of regret — if only Jesus had really happened he seemed to say between the lines.

      • dave says:

        I can’t help but get the same feeling from reading the book. It’s worth noting that he intentionally reads Paul in order to find his “event,” but everything seems to line up pretty well were it not for the fable of the Resurrection.

        Having said that, I think his particular conception of the event is difficult to affirm as it relates to the Resurrection, even if we are to ignore his (non)conviction about it. I’m not convinced that Resurrection renders the Incarnation null, which seems to be a main conclusion. I think this is avoided with an eschatological read of Paul that gives more credence to his Jewishness.

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