discipleship, Johann Metz

Maintain the Mystical and Political or Fall into Problematic Discipleships

When the double mystical and political composition of following Christ is ignored, what is eventually accepted is an understanding of following Christ that ends up exemplifying only half of what is involved. On the one hand you have following Christ as something purely subjective, and on the other following Christ as an exclusively regulatory idea, as a purely humanistic political concept. What happens is either the reduction of following Christ to a purely social and political dimension of behaviour or its reduction to a private religious spirituality. What is lost is the following of Christ in which Jesus’ kind of standing up for the glor of God in the midst of the individual and social contradictions of our life is continued. The theological equivalents of such a watered-down concept of following Christ are to be found in the danger of a modern Monophysitism which would want to find its justification in Christ without in practice following him, and in the danger of a Jesulogy which lacks the transcendent element and in which following Christ would be merely a reproduction of a current pattern of behaviour.

Johann Metz, Followers of Christ: The Religious Life and the Church, 44.


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