Christology, Youtube Style

I have long been a fan of Mr. Deity. Flawed theology? Yes. Simple production values? Yes. Funny? Oh yes. And that’s the point, poke at impoverished theology. This is actually good atheism: a rejection of bad theology. They’ll be coming back relatively soon…ish with their third season.

Below is one of my more favorite episodes from season 1 (season 2 was better, but there isn’t videos of season 2 on youtube and free wordpress doesn’t play nice with videos not from youtube, so season 1 it is):


6 thoughts on “Christology, Youtube Style

  1. Ben says:

    Everything was a little sketching except for that Larry fellow, who seemed pretty much biblically accurate and theologically sound.

    • When I say flawed, I also mean a caricature of sorts. But all too often the theology presented in your videos is not far off the mark, if at all, of some theologies: ones that caricature, fetishize, and commodify themselves. And then I would agree with you, theology then becomes ideology.

      I actually take your videos quite seriously, but also with as much humor as possible. Satire always deserves a fair shake.

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