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Ry, Conservatives, Carter, and Liberals

Ry over at Rain and the Rhinoceros has taken up the task of going through Craig Carter’s misreadings, conflations, rantings, and ravings to make sense of it all.

I recommend a read of what Ry has put forth so far: How to Talk to a Liberal, On Crunchy Conservatism, and On Dismissing Liberals.

Now, why is this important? Well, while Carter is a voice at the table, I don’t think Carter is all that important to keep track of, or original. Thus, the real importance of Ry’s task is to clarify what the hell is going on in the discussion around conservatism, and its theopolitics, as it tries to engage thinkers outside of itself. Clearly the answer is, so far, confusion still reigns because the attempt to synthesize is still fumbling.

Perhaps these tired labels just suck. Oh, and maybe we shouldn’t try to understand theology simply on a continuum between conservative and liberal.

Thanks Ry for spending the time.


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