Summer Literature

I’ve been cursing French the past few weeks. I am sure I’ll curse it for a few more, partly because I’m taking a class in French and partly because the class has pushed aside nearly all my reading, much less theology reading (save for The Monstrosity of Christ).

Some of the literary books I am eager to get to after French I’ve known about since undergrad. Two specific ones are A Life of Jesus and Silence by Shusaku Endo. However, I suppose I should make time to finally read Gilead as well. And maybe this summer, I’ll finally get to the Russian novelists — yeah, how’s that for a confession? Perhaps this will be a summer of pure catch up for literature. The rest of the reading list is, of course, an assortment of theology books.

I am curious, what books are you reading this summer? And are there any I should consider that makes your heart three sizes bigger when you read it?


4 thoughts on “Summer Literature

  1. I’m hoping to read some Appalachian lit this summer, like Denise Giardina (who, interestingly, also wrote a fictional account of the life of Bonhoeffer) and Silas House. Endo is on my list too…

    But back to theology now. Have you read Rooted in Jesus Christ: Toward a Radical Ecclesiology yet? FANTASTIC.

  2. Oh right, I forgot you blogged about it.

    The last chapter, especially, was great. He really seems to engage actual anarchism quite a bit, unlike other “anarchist”-leaning theologians. I think the book is a neat exploration of the possibilities of a “eucharistic anarchism,” had Cavanaugh continued down that route.

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