Nice Try.

Nice try and some good insights, but ultimately, if Jesus is just capitalism at its finest, you haven’t seen much. This is largely my problem with most “popular” atheists, the homework simply hasn’t been done and the arguments are often highly reductionist. Still, quite a bit is right about the Jesus made easy, but that is America’s Jesus made in it’s own image.


3 thoughts on “Nice Try.

  1. and the funny thing about the category confusion in the assertion that “going to church is easier than reading a book about evolutionary biology or particle physics” is that the fellow seems to think that the two activities are commensurable. Make the “harder choices” in eating swiss chard and collard greens rather than value meals, and get your immutable truths from science textbooks.

    I often wish church were as easy and pleasant as a quick burger—even in America, however, it’s generally not (though not always for the right reasons).

    • He is right that they’re gluttonous consumption of very unhealthy substances, and packaged in an easy to ingest way (purpose driven life?). To this end, it is seductively easy, but you’re right, church politics, among a host of other problems, makes church not-so-easy.

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