M. Shawn Copeland

Moreover, Interruptive Political Theology Will…

Our political theology recognizes that life is vested with an ‘apocalyptic goal’, which orients the horizon of our expectation toward the coming of the Lord; yet, that orientation never surrenders its cultural and social responsibilities. Hence, political theology will scrutinize from the perspective of the excluded, despised, and poor, the development, promotion, and advance of programs and schemes that propose to resolve violence, injustice, and oppression. Further, political theology will provide a critique of the Church whenever it attempts to evade the dangerous memory of the crucified Jesus by slipping into what Metz names a ‘fatal banality’ or an irenic conformity so passive that it glides over the resolute work of authentic peace, thereby, betraying its mystery.

M. Shawn Copeland, “Presidential Address: Political Theology as Interruptive” CTSA Proceedings 59: 79.


2 thoughts on “Moreover, Interruptive Political Theology Will…

  1. barbara Madgwick says:

    What do I not understand about google referring me to M. Shawn Copeland’s flying farther blog, finding her name and two listings for lectures, and a dead end. Many other things are listed which will bring me back, but please explain this link in terms of M. Shawn Copeland.


    • The above post is a quote that I found which I quite liked. A search engine would refer you to this blog partly because of this post, and partly because her name is mentioned elsewhere on this blog (but not often). As for why search engines work the way they do is specific to each engine and you may want to ask them.

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